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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abstract Windchimes

Another awesome and fun project to use the MagiKote product on!  I have this one listed on DecoArt's website, too, their link is here!

If you want to hear some beautiful music in your yard, especially this time of the year, this is a great project for you.  I hope you like it!  It was such fun to make! : )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MagiKote Project, It's A Fairy Door For Your Yard!

It's after you've left the front yard...when everything stills...not even the squirrels are scampering across the lawn...

That's when the fairies come out to play! 

This project is a great one to bring some color to your yard, and make it a playful place to hang out.

Invite all the little fairies that hide in the woods around your home into your flower gardens, by making this little door and attaching it to the base of one of your trees.

I think they'll love it!

This project was published with my permission on Deco Art's webpage, and you can learn how to make your very own by clicking this button -->Fairy Door Instructions

Have fun with this!  Any questions? Ask away!

Yeah, I wanted to try something new this year for Christmas!

Listen, because you will only hear the REAL reason I put this ON the wall, right here on my blog.  The truth is, each year it seems to be such a hassle to the menfolk in my house to help me get my Christmas tree down.  Then, getting all the ornaments and such out, they really look like they want to pull my hair out when I ask them for their help.  But, this year in particular, we just closed our family business, and had to haul all that stuff home with us, taking up so much valuable space that it is ridiculous!  On top of all that, once all the stuff is out for me, I just can't get these guys motivated to help me decorate the tree!!  My daughter loves to help me, but she lives far away this Christmas (unfortunately) and wasn't even able to come home this year to celebrate it with us. make everyone's lives a little easier this year, I opted to just do it this way.

I mean, it was a blank wall...just begging for some I gave it some!

If you want to watch a very quick video (under 2 minutes) on how I did this, please check it out:
Click HERE to check out my new video!
I'd love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel too, where I plan on posting more video's in the near future.  Like...what did I do with this wall AFTER Christmas?? lol

I hope you like!  And would love to hear what you think of my newest venture "outside of the box"...