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Saturday, April 28, 2012

ADHD Anyone?? lolz

Like my profile states, I am an artist, a teacher, a designer, and an internet cafe' owner.  I am always amazed at the people I get to meet in all the venues I involve myself in.  For instance, it has occured to me many times the similarity my artists and gamers have in common.  All great people, to be sure, and have the uncanny ability to be able to think about multiple projects at one time; they all share the ability to continue to think "outside the box".  Are we all ADHD?  I do not use this term lightly, I promise.  I was diagnosed as being ADHD many years ago, and strive hard to work around, beside, and in the middle of it all.  But, apparently many artists deal with these same issues.  Perhaps its just the mind continuing to design, wander, and create...nothing wrong with that.  Except for the frustration that comes along with the multiplicity of it all.

But, how blessed we truly are for being able to be this complex.  And what wonderful people we get to meet and share our lives with, all because of these creative moments. now to finish some designs that I started.  Unless I get interrupted with someone needing a healer or DPS in a battleground on WOW, lol.  (I am at work, at the moment, in The Gaming Cave, lolz)  <--The joys of having multiple level 85 accounts, and enjoying GAMING!!  lol  Have you ever seen the beautiful artwork in these games???  Just saying...

Have a great day all!!



Espresso Metallic Tissue Box

This one matches the last! Wouldn't they both just look great together decorating your bathroom?  Using the same techniques, paints, and brushes as in the Geo Box, why not go ahead and paint this beauty up as well?  The contemporary sleek design really puts these colors and brushes to use.  The brush is by Loew-Cornell, called FLORA .  See the video Gisele has on how to use this new brush! See Gisele demonstrate the use of the new Flora brush!

For Painting Directions and Supply List Click Here

Have fun! Would love to hear what you think on this piece, as well!



Espresso & Metallic Geo Box

Isn't this just awesome?? I just love the colors and the contemporary look of this piece.  The box is available at Michael's Craft Stores, and the rich hue paints, Americana Acrylic Paints from Deco Art.  I painted it using Loew-Cornell's new brushes, which make it a breeze. (Here's a video on how to use this FLORA brush.)

Want to paint this yourself?  Click HERE for instructions and supply list.

I hope you like this!  If you have any questions, please just let me know.



**MagiKote Wall Flowers**

Just in time for the Summer months.  Wouldn't these just look great hanging in any room?   Bring a little color and brightness to a dull corner.  Have a deck that needs some decorating?  What a perfect time!  These projects are such fun to make, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! : )

Click HERE for: Instructions and Supply List
Click HERE for pattern!

Have fun people! ; )